The first issued “5-star” holographic AR-NFT auction is on OVO

3 min readJan 27, 2022

🔥Big event alert: the auction of the first issued “5-star” Nyathees holographic AR-NFT will be held on the OVO platform.

The landing page of this auction will be on:

The auction will start at 15:00 PM, Jan 28th on JST time zone.

The duration of the auction will be 6 hours, so if you really pursue this “5-star” NFT, it’s better to make a bid at these 6 hours quickly.


Everyone who bid in this auction will be awarded a piece of Nyathees NFT.

No matter whether you win the final or what price you bid, you certainly will be given an airdrop!

😼The most important thing have to be mentioned is this auction is the only chance for OVO fans to get a “5-star”🌟 NFT without fusion or trade. Which means you can avoid the failure probability when you Fusion (merge) NFTs, directly get this 5-star NFT easily and even probably at a cheaper price instead of spending so much time to collect various NFT.

What will the “5-star” holographic AR-NFT look like? Check example below:

The value for “5-star” Nyathees NFT holder:

  • First issued holographic AR–NFT in the whole world, and will be his exclusive super avatar with holographic effect in OVO Metaverse.
  • Exclusively airdrop and bonus will be given to the “5-Star” NFT holder in the future.
  • Stake & Mine this NFT at the upcoming Defi function on OVO platform, it will be the largest hash rates and revenue outputs without doubt.
  • The continuous dividends from the transaction fee of Nyathees NFT which is caused in OVO marketplace will be given to the address whose holder keeps a “5-Star” Nyathees NFT.
  • Up to now, it’s the only chance for you to get “5-Star” Nyathees NFT without fusion and time-costed collection.
  • The uniqueness, rarity and high-revenue outputs determine this “5-Star” NFT will be highly collective value when trading in the marketplace.

The value of reference

On January 23, 2022, the Japanese popular MBS TV show: “Sunday’s First Ear Study” picked up the fact that 1 pics of Nyathees NFT card issued by the OVO platform was sold for 3.5 million yen, and spurred the NFT boom again.

The value of “5-star” Nyathees NFT in this auction can be much higher than that NFT on TV show, because it has so many value-added features such as continuous dividends, airdrop bonus, the highest outputs on Defi and most important of all, the first issued holographic AR-NFT in the world!

About OVO

OVO ( is the first NFT issuance and IP cultural products incubator with 3D and AR visualisation. Currently the OVO platform is deployed on the FLOW and BSC. OVO provides a one-stop solution for digital copyright distribution of intellectual properties based on the original DCIM standard.

OVO will be the leading IP digital copyrights platform in Metaverse and the NFT fields. OVO is centred on Japan with a lot of animation fans and explores the global NFT market.

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