The 2nd Round Mystery Box of Nyathees is on the way! New Fusion rules and super bonus await!

4 min readDec 7, 2021

Not long ago, the first round of Nyathees NFTs on the OVO platform were sold out and 10,000 were sold in about 48h. Soon, the 2nd round of an upgraded version of Nyathees NFT will be launched. This time not only combines the elements of GameFi’s Play to Earn, but more importantly, the Nyathees NFT highest-star NFTs can use AR technology to fully upgrade the value and entertainment of the asset itself.

(Demo of NFT get upgraded to AR)

Play to Earn

1. Bonus Voucher NFT

OVO officially announced that there will be new fusion rules and Bonus Voucher NFT worth $20,000. 4 types of Bonus Voucher NFTs ($50, $100, $500, $5,000) are in the Mystery Boxes and everyone has a chance to claim!

If a user buys ten Mystery Boxes at a time (cost about $99), he will have a chance to get both $50 and $100 Bonus Voucher NFTs, which means that he can earn $56 by opening Mystery Boxes of Nyathees. If this user is lucky, he may get a $5,000 Bonus Voucher NFT by one shot!

2. Fusion to get a 5-star Nyathees and claim $7,777 reward

Users can get 1-star to 4-star Nyathees through Mystery Box, the 5-star Nyathees can be obtained by Fusion only (you can use the Nyathees NFTs you got from 1st round of Mystery Box to Fusion). When you use five 4-star Nyathees to get a 5-star Nyathees, you can get a $7,777 Bonus Voucher NFT as reward! (OVO will buy this NFT on the market)

Users need to find out how to fusion and get 5-star Nyathees with the lowest cost by themselves. It is noticed that every 5-star Nyathees can be upgraded to AR which is more valuable than $7,777. After all, the 5-star Nyathees is the first AR-based NFT asset of OVO. They are extremely rare, and its value is currently inestimable.

3. Commision

Users can get commision by referral link.If a user uses your referral link to buy Mystery Box, you can get 25% of the sales as your commision. The more users use your referral link, the more money you can earn! If you are really good at marketing, you can get passive income through Mystery Box. No one can refuse this cute Nuko!

4. NFT mining (under development)

Now OVO is developing NFT’s DeFi/mining functions, and 3-star to 5-star cards will be given different hash rates. This will be the main battlefield for Play-to-Earn on the OVO platform, and it may also be the most anticipated feature of users. Now is a good time to reload your Nyathees and prepare for new gameplays.

Play for fun

1. Collection of Nyathees

OVO has a complete Collection of Nyathees. Collect 33 types of “Story of Nyathees” to get 1 NFT e-book containing all the main story content, and you can also get extra rewards. In addition, if you gather all 77 different NFTs, you can get 1 Legendary Nyathees NFT, which is reportedly worth much more than a 5-star Nyathees.

2. Creative Canvas

When the Fusion of 3-star to 4-star succeeded, you will be rewarded a Creative Canvas NFT. It can be used for art creation or trade only.

Users can use Creative Canvas to create their own NFTs, and they can submit their works to the regularly held “Nyathees Creation Contest”, and get high bonuses.

3. AR Upgrade

When the Fusion of 3-star to 4-star fails, users will get an additional AR upgrade NFT which can be applied for 5-star Nyathees only. The AR(Augmented reality) tech will show different scenes and bring new experience for 5-star Nyathees owners. It is noticed that the AR upgrade NFTs are digital assets and can be traded in the marketplace.


At this stage, OVO’s overall strategic layout is to build a core content output platform for Metaverse. In short, the NFT assets issued on the OVO platform will be docked with various Metaverse platforms in the future. The upgrade of NFT assets combined with AR technology this time is in line with the current goal of achieving the initial stage of the Metaverse. When OVO enters the Metaverse by continuously fusing and iterating new technologies, it will become the core content output platform in many Metaverses.

Before the launch of The 2nd Round of Nyathees Mystery Box, OVO will Airdrop Nyathees NFTs to users in order to thank everyone’s support.

Welcome and enjoy the Airdrops!


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