OVO × YooShi Partnership Achieved!


YooShi was founded in May 2021, which has evolved from the early altcoin to the NFT + GameFi Incubator + P2E Guild Alliance in GameFi and Metaverse fields. Currently, the ecosystem of YooShi has made huge achievements in these three fields.

YooShi Games

YooShi mainly provides services such as GameFi LaunchPad, NFT MarketPlace, NFT Mining, Farms and ImYooShi Wallet.

YooShi Labs

YooShi provides comprehensive support to game developers and collaborators in GameFi system design and tackling technical issues.

Play to Earn Guild Alliance

YooShi has founded a P2E Guild Alliance by collaborating with prestigious GameFi communities and guilds globally. Our mission is to help low earners improve their income under the influence of GameFi.


OVO (ovo.space) is the leading NFT issuance and trading platform with 3D and AR visualization. Currently the OVO platform is deployed on the FLOW and BSC chain. OVO provides a one-stop solution for digital copyright issuance, distribution, trading and incubation based on the original DCIM standard. It mainly provides NFT products, mystery box, auction, marketplace, merging, NFT-farming , and artists gallery. At the same time, OVO’s original Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism (DCIM) has become one of the authenticated standards in the NFT industry. The signed agreement between creators and collectors will be uploaded to the smart contract. Meanwhile, NFT will be generated to record the transfer of ownership and legal transactions of copyright.



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