OVO x Zaif INO Limited “Nyathees Puzzle NFT” Coming!

4 min readDec 23, 2022


Nyathees Puzzle NFT (OVO x Zaif INO Edition) is the latest series of Nyathees NFT which has released a total of over 70,000 items by OVO.SPACE. The number of transactions has already exceeded 120,000, and it is gaining popularity even while the overall crypto asset market remains sluggish.

Nyathees Smart Contract:


◆Nyathees Origin

Nyathees is a popular character created by Japanese illustrator/manga artist Kawabekon. LINE stamps distributed on LINE have exceeded 5 million paid downloads. OVO.SPACE was established around July 2021, and released the first collection of Nyathees NFT series.

At the auction at the time of the first release, Nyathees NFT was sold for approximately 3.5 million yen and was featured on a Japanese TV program. After that, the highest rarity 5-Star NFT was sold at a bid of about 32 million yen, further attracting attention.

Nyathees NFT on TV program

◆Why Nyathees so popular?

Despite the overall slump in the NFT market, sales and transactions of the Nyathees series continue to grow. We believe that the reason for this lies in the utility of NFTs, the creative incentives and the mechanism design.

So far, Nyathees NFT has been integrated with MysteryBox, Fusion, PictureBook, and. And when the NFT-Mining function is finally implemented which OVO players have been waiting for, we expect the liquidity of NFTs to improve dramatically.

In the future NFT-Mining function, higher the NFT rank is, higher the mining hash rate it will be. In short, users need higher rank NFT to get more profit in the future NFT-Mining.

Also, the rarity of a NFT does not necessarily represent its value. This is also a unique and interesting part of the OVO.SPACE ecosystem.

For example, if you compare the two types of NFTs below, you can see that the 1-Star NFT is listed on the marketplace at a higher price than a 3-Star NFT.

In fact, this 1-Star NFT is a rarer one that can be used in the OVO.SPACE PictureBook function, so it is listed at a higher price.

In this way, the main feature of Nyathees NFT is that it has a seemingly simple yet deep gameplay.

Details of “Nyathees Puzzle NFT”

This time, Nyathees Puzzle NFT, which will be released jointly with Zaif INO, is an NFT series with new features that have never existed before.

A: Collection

Items : 999 (9 types)

Mint Price : 0.3 BNB

As shown in the completed drawing above, the rules are simple: you can get various benefits by completing the collection of all 9 types of puzzle pieces.

B : Utility

If you collect 9 types of pieces and complete the puzzle, you can claim a limited NFT called “Nyathees Gold Pass” . This NFT has special utilities such as:

50% OFF in OVO Marketplace
Currently, OVO.SPACE has a 10% transaction fee, but owners of this special NFT can trade with a 5% fee.

Fusion success rate UP
Fusion is one of the useful functions when you want a higher-level NFT. In particular, some 5-Star NFTs are super rare because they can only be obtained by Fusion, and they also have high mining power. By owning Nyathees Gold Pass, the success rate of Fusion will increase more than usual, making it easier to obtain 5-Star NFT.

Mining Power UP
At the AMA held on December 19th, OVO.SPACE stated that it would proceed with development centered on the community ecosystem, and NFT-Mining. With NFT-Mining, you can earn OVO tokens by staking NFTs. As a token issued by OVO.SPACE, the OVO token will play a central role in the OVO ecosystem and will be used in various ways in the future. By owning Nyathees Gold Pass, mining power will also increase, which means you can obtain more OVO tokens.

Nyathees Puzzle NFT is a special NFT related to the soon-to-be-released OVO token and the NFT-Mining function.

At the AMAs recently, we were able to have more than 1,000 people participate in this sluggish market. In addition, we plan to hold events in collaboration with various communities in Japan and overseas in the future.

◆Nyathees Puzzle Sales info

Platform : Zaif INO

Link : https://zaif-ino.com/

Blockchain : BNB Chain

Start : 18:00 Dec. 25th (UTC+9)

Item : 999

Mint Price : 0.3 BNB


Official website:https://www.ovo.space/

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/ovo__official

Official Discord:http://discord.gg/ovonft