OVO x Yuliverse Strategic Alliance. The world of SocialFi comes back to our daily life.

2 min readOct 31, 2022

In October 2022, Yuliverse, a powerful SocialFi project based in Hong Kong, decided to enter into a strategic partnership with OVO NFT Platform.Yuliverse is a long-term project run by members with both capital and technology, and is currently in the stage of developing partnerships and collaborations on a global scale.

This time, Yuliverse will sell their NFTs on OVO NFT Platform LaunchPad, you can check the items when their app goes online in November.

The genre of Yuliverse is generally recognized as SocialFi, but it would be easier to understand it as the “Pokemon Go” series, which combines the concept of P2E (Play to earn) and AR technology.

Players will enjoy searching for “treasure” while walking around the virtual reality reconstructed by Yuliverse with their smartphones. And every time you find a treasure, you can earn Yuliverse cryptocurrency as a reward, which is similar to the C2E (Collect to Earn) concept launched at ovo.space.

The act of “collecting” is a kind of human instinct, and when we discover a rare item, we somehow feel the desire to own it and collect it. This is sometimes referred to as the “collection instinct”. Through the game genre, Yuliverse not only maximizes the enjoyment of collection, but also adds value to the act of “collecting” players by adding the incentive of earning virtual currency.

Furthermore, unlike Stepn, Yuliverse has a system that allows “treasure hunting” even on the train so that even those working in cities and students who have very little time to play the game can participate with less limits.

Currently, Yuliverse is expected to be a new catalyst for blockchain games for many major investment funds, but the Yuliverse app itself has not been officially released yet. Stay tuned on Yuliverse official Twitter.

In addition, the LaunchPad feature on ovo.space integrates a system that carefully selects new projects that are worthy of value investment and lists them after going through various procedures, such as investigating the copyrights of IP content. In the future, we will sequentially list promising new NFT projects on OVO’s LaunchPad.

Launchpad info:

Super rare mystery box

Quantity: 30

Date:29 October 12pm UTC

Rare mystery box

Quantity: 60

Date:30 October 12pm UTC

Normal mystery box

Quantity -910

Date: 31 October 12PM UTC


Official website:https://www.ovo.space/

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/ovo__official

Official Discord:http://discord.gg/ovonft


Official website:https://www.yuliverse.com/

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/TheYuliverse

Official Discord:https://discord.com/invite/Yuliverseofficial