Nyathees are coming back!

4 min readJul 20, 2022


New designs with new treasures

More details: https://mysteryboxr3.ovo.space

Nyathees is one of the most popular Anime characters in Japan, got more than 5 million paid downloads in the LINE store as an emoticon. OVO launched Nyathees Round I&II, sold more than 60,000 NFTs and exceeded over 100.000 transfers.

Mystery Box, Fusion, Picture Book have all been deployed to Nyathees, and the basic ecosystem has been completed.

This time, we fully updated our Picture Book function and users can Collect to Earn by Nyathees!

Nyathees Ecosystem

On January 28, a 5-Star Nyathees was auctioned on OVO Space, and the bid price reached 277,000 BUSD, becoming the most expensive NFT in Japan.

In the future, Nyathees as Super Avatars will be transferred to Metaverse by OVO.

5-Star Nyathees

What is C2E(Collect to Earn)?

C2E(Collect to Earn)is a unique use case designed and deployed by OVO. Users can collect Nyathees NFT by Mystery Box, Marketplace, Fusion, Airdrop, etc. to complete the collection to claim rare NFT and other rewards.

Nyathees Round III — — “Earth Invasion”

Nyathees Round III — — “Earth Invasion’’ is combined with a unique NFT ecosystem, providing C2E (Collect to Earn) service. In addition, OVO & KuCoin jointly launched Nyathees Round III NFTs for the first time on KuCoin Windvane. KuCoin is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world (more than 10 million users), Nyathees NFT will focus on the global market this time and expand more diverse user groups.

Treasure Route①:5-Star Nyathees (Round III Edition)


Holders will take a share of the $77,777 prize pool when Nyathees Mystery Box III is sold out.

How to claim:

Complete the collection of the five types of Nyathees below to claim for a 5-Star Nyathees (Round III Edition) in 100% success rate.


You can use Fusion to get a 5-Star Nyathees (Round III Edition) to share the $77,777 prize pool and get additional $7,777Fusion reward.

(Fusion success rate will be raised in Nyathees Round III).

Treasure Route②:Secret Nyathees (Round III Edition)


Secret Nyathees have a super hashrate for NFT-Mining which you can get tons of $OVO.

How to claim:

Complete the collection of 57 types of Nyathees (Round III Edition).

Treasure Route③:Genesis Nyathees Passport


Holders have the right to claim Genesis Nyathees NFT at Nyathees Round IV.

How to claim:

Complete the collection of 5 types of Nyathees


The 5 types of Nyathees above can be claimed by Picture Book only (you can not get them through Mystery Box or Fusion).

Nyathees Genesis NFT has great potential in Nyathees Round IV!

Treasure Route④:OVO x KuCoin Ultimate Collection NFT


Holders can claim Windvane Genesis NFT Airdrop + Special rights + One share of a Mystery Box prize pool.

Special Rights in KuCoin Windvane

1.Genesis NFT airdrop from KuCoin Windvane

2.Transaction fee 100% off in KuCoin Windvane

3.Special character in Discord

4.Future Whitelist advantages

5.A share of 10% of the Mystery Box sales (when Mystery Box sold out on Windvane)

How to claim:

Complete the collection of 9 types of OVO x KuCoin NFT


Some of the Nyathees above can be obtained in the Mystery Box of Windvane, and some can be obtained in the Mystery Box of OVO.

The total supply of OVO x KuCoin Ultimate Collection NFT is 15.

Treasure Route ⑤:Nyathees MetaArita NFT


Holders have a chance to claim a Nyathees Avatar in Metaverse in the future.

How to claim:

One 4-Star Nyathees (Round III) + T-shirt NFT.

More details: https://mysteryboxr3.ovo.space

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