COG Genesis and Fusion officially released

3 min readJun 8, 2022

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What is COG?

COG (Cuty Owl Girls) is the collection of more than 10,000 different types of NFTs created by Onigiriman with customized functions on OVO ( It also has a highly innovative Genesis system, which allows users to issue COG and own copyright of NFTs.


The Fusion function of COG (Cuty Owl Girls) is similar to Nyathees. Users can merge 5 pieces of low class NFTs to 1 higher class NFT. Instead of burning NFTs when Fusion succeeds or fails, those “Burned COGs” will be returned to COG treasury and can be obtained again.

Fusion Rules


If you own a Genesis NFT of COG, it costs 99ST(Stamina) to generate one 1-Star COG from the COG Treasury stock for FREE (if there are 1-Star COGs left). Also, ST will recover to 99 everyday automatically or you can purchase more ST with a few $BUSD.

Owners can use those 1-Star COGs generated by Genesis NFT freely, including selling them or fusion to higher level to make profit, giveaway to fans and increase your influence, etc. More importantly, owners of Genesis NFT will work together to build the NFT-DAO of COG and benefit from it.

Genesis Rules

COG Use-case

  1. Mining
    OVO plans to deploy the mining function for COG in the future. Users can use 3-Star ~ 5-Star COG to mining for OVO token.
  2. Copyright
    COG 1-Star and 2-Star owners COG owners are licensed to use the copyright of each work they own for non-commercial purposes or derivative works. 3-Star to 5-Star COG and Secret COG owners are also licensed to use the copyright for commercial purposes.
  3. Metaverse
    Users can use COG as their Avatars in Metaverse created by OVO (MetaAritia). For more details, please wait for future announcements.

COG Copyright license and various functions list for each rarity


  1. When creating derivative works using the copyright of COG(Cuty Owl Girls), it is necessary to specify the credit of the author regardless of whether it is for non-commercial or commercial purposes.
  2. When using the copyright of COG, it is necessary to own a specific COG NFT with illustration.
  3. COG NFT ownership and commercial use rights belong entirely to the NFT owner, but this does not transfer copyright or personality rights.
  4. If the COG were sold or missed in a wallet, the copyright license of the specific COG NFT will be automatically invalid. Please note that you will not be able to own the above rights.

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