Breaking news on the NFT industry! The long-expected “Fusion” function of OVO officially launched!

6 min readMar 17, 2022


– — Plus the OVO version 2.0 was also officially launched!

According to Golden Finance, the famous Japanese NFT platform, launched its fusion function for its NFT series: Nyathees NFT on March 16. As the function was launched, the network and NFT market went crazy immediately. There were over 1000 interactions on the BNB chain within only a few hours, and more than 2500 NFT fusion actions happened.

Because Nyathees NFT is issued on the BNB chain, after the fusion function was launched, the BNB chain was temporarily congested and the gas fee surged. With the market’s popularity, OVO will be the standard-bearer of the new generation leading the trend of the NFT market.

Do you know the famous Nyathees NFT in Japan? This meme character of the social app Line was introduced in the popular MBS TV show “Sunday’s First Hear Study ‘’ a while ago. It currently has been quite well-known in the NFT field due to the fact that its number of transactions has already exceeded CryptoPunks!

In general, there is no doubt that CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club are the top-class projects in the whole NFT industry. However, the NFT project from Japan that will become on par with these top-class NFT projects will undoubtedly be the “Nyathees NFT” published by OVO.

Bored Ape Yacht Club



The sharply rising amount of transactions

At present, the transactions of Nyathees NFT on the BNB chain has reached 62,619 in just five months, far more than the 41,365 transactions of CryptoPunks, which have already been in the market for 4.5 years. The number of transactions of the Nyathees NFT has also surpassed Bored Ape Yacht Club, which has had a total number of 59,936 transactions. OVO has grown up as the most influential NFT project nowadays.




The general analysis of Nyathees NFT project

There are various reasons why the number of transactions of Nyathees NFT issued by OVO reached over 50,000 in less than half a year, but it is very clear if you analyse the structure of Nyathees NFT assets.


First of all, Nyathees is issued according to the underlying logic of DCIM (Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism) standard of the OVO platform. This was firstly proposed by OVO, mainly to ensure the validity of NFT assets on issuance, transactions and strong bonds between the NFT value and IPs.

For example, in the case of the Yu-Gi-Oh card, even if an individual user issues one on Opensea, it is still impossible to pursue its authenticity without permission. If this card is used for commercial purposes, it will directly damage the IP holders’ profits. To solve this, anyone can confirm the authenticity of the contract since the DCIM mechanism issues a written contract as an NFT, thus guaranteeing the value of Nyathees as well.


Secondly, there are various features of Nyathees NFT cards. When you collect the specified cards, there is a high likelihood of receiving hidden items, which are fun for users to collect.

Moreover, the series of NFT issued by OVO have rarities from level 1 to level 5. Users tend to get higher-level NFTs by using the fusion function or directly collecting them from the secondary marketplace. You can achieve this purpose while trading with each other, making the process highly interactive.

According to this conventional social game system, OVO is characterised by building a mechanism that even new users who aren’t familiar with blockchain can participate and play immediately.

Recently, OVO has begun to support credit card payments to allow new players who didn’t have much knowledge about blockchain or cryptos to collect NFT easily. There is no doubt that it is an important step for attracting new users.


Although some functions such as DeFi, mining, and staking have not been released yet, the mining power of Nyathees NFT will be added to 3 ★ to 5 ★ NFT in the future. This announcement will come on OVO’s official channel, so it is vital to stay plugged in to the OVO community.

The OVO Token can be obtained through NFT-Mining and the detailed rules of how to undertake this process will be announced on its official channel soon. With the rapid growth and partnerships of the OVO platform, many major investment capital institutions have paid attention to OVO. Many top-class institutions such as Y2Z have invested in OVO.

From now on, the value of OVO governance token will continue to rise immeasurably. Being equipped with new famous IP content and the Metaverse concept, it is undoubtedly to continue rising in value. In addition to this, it also converts the users’ incentive to purchase NFTs.


The next round of Nyathees NFT is called “Nyathees Earth Invasion” (the 3rd edition). As the first NFT equipped with holographic AR technology in the whole world, it is bound to make a big splash in the NFT fields.

Notice: Nyathees NFT with holographic AR

Not only does the AR technology of Nyathees improve the visual reality and collection value, but OVO has also announced that it is researching the ability to communicate with characters by bringing in the AI artificial intelligence system “I am”.

In the future, the 4 ★ -5 ★ cards of Nyathees NFT can be applied in Metaverse. I will leave it up to your imagination how high-tech NFT assets will be integrated with Metaverse.

OVO Brand

DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) is also on the route map of Nyathees NFT. The DAO organization formed by “Nyathees” holders will become the main force of brand contributors in the future.

“Fusion” system & ST (stamina) system

OVO has finally released information about “Fusion”. Fusion is a system similar to merge props, enhancement and compositing, etc. in traditional social games.

On the other hand, the fusion and illustrated handbook function can reduce the inflation of NFTs with low levels (★) on the market and support the price of NFTs.

Therefore, OVO has issued the ST (stamina) system in order to adjust the balance between supply and demand of NFTs and provide a fair investment environment for new users.

The details of the rules are as follows:

ST Rules

  1. The maximum ST value (99ST) will be given to a user every day.
  2. The ST values consumed when fusion different star (★) levels are as follows:

Fusion: 1★→2★ Cost:3 ST

Fusion: 2★→3★ Cost: 4 ST

Fusion: 3★→4★ Cost: 8 ST

Fusion: 4★→5★ Cost:16 ST

  1. Maximum ST value is 99
  2. ST will be restored as maximum 99 at 3 PM (UTC +0) every day.
  3. Every time ST is consumed, the Fusion success rate will increase.

Fusion Rules



When Fusion 5 pieces of same NFTs for higher level, the success rate in the above will all be + 2%.

Big News: OVO version 2.0 officially Launched!


New features:

・ Homepage latest updates

・ Bug fixing

・ Fixing problems such as slow speed of loading

・ Launching a category search function in the OVO Marketplace page

・ Launching a slide function in the OVO Marketplace page

・ Fixed other issues

More details about OVO NFT platform:

OVO official website:


English official telegram: