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4 min readMar 13, 2023

OVO( has decided to conduct an IEO on’s Startup Prime on March 21, 2023. A few days after the IEO, cryptocurrency exchange plans to open trading pairs for OVO Token and USDT (TetherUSDT).


OVO ( has gained popularity as a unique NFT platform with a utility design and ecosystem. After two years of growth, the platform has finally decided to issue its token, which will provide strong liquidity for OVO’s NFT content. In addition, the platform’s ecosystem will be rebuilt on the basis of token economy, including MysteryBox, Marketplace, PictureBook, Fusion/Upgrading, NFT Mining, and more.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency exchange positions OVO ( as a “powerful project after a year” and has decided to support it with full force. Although OVO Token is planned to be listed on other major exchanges in the future, cryptocurrency exchange will be the first stage.

What is OVO?

OVO ( is a multi-chain (BSC/ETH/FLOW, etc.) NFT platform that incubates new NFT projects and provides technical and marketing support to IP holders. Although OVO has been established for two years, its “Collection” category already includes two IP contents: Nyathees and COG. However, the unique NFT Mining function is the biggest feature of the category that will only contain IP content that is bound to the platform in the long term. After listing OVO Token, the platform plans to expand the IP content included in the “Collection” category sequentially.

OVO ( Achievements


Content: Nyathees

Artist: かわベーコン

Chain: BSC

Issuance format: MysteryBox, Auction

Ecosystem: Fusion, Picture Book, Marketplace, Mining

Sales performance: more than 74,000 pieces

Volume: $9.8 million

Auction bidding: total of $310,000

Cumulative transaction numbers: over 120,000

Gravure idol

Content: Gravure idol

Exclusive contracted idols: 阿久津麻央, 小島みゆ, 桐山瑠衣, 藤乃あおい, 古河由衣, 悠木ゆうか, 吉野七宝実

Chain: FLOW

Issuance format: MysteryBox, Maindrop

Ecosystem: Marketplace

Sales performance: More than 3,500 pieces

Volume: $160,000


Content: COG(Cuty Owl Girls)

Artist: Onigiriman

Chain: BSC

Issuance format: Whitelist presale, MysteryBox

Ecosystem: Fusion, Genesis, Marketplace, Mining

Sales performance: More than 2,000 pieces

Volume: $150,000

Sound Art Project-FLUCTUS SYMBOL

Content: Sound Art Project-FLUCTUS SYMBOL

Artists: 小室哲哉/Music, 九島優/illustrator, 撃鉄/illustrator,

popman3580/illustrator, 寺田てら/illustrator

Chain: ETH

Issuance format: Maindrop, Auction

Ecosystem: Marketplace

Auction bidding: total of 643ETH


Content: Yuliverse

Issuance format: Launchpad

Chain: BSC

Ecosystem: Marketplace

Sales performance: 1,000 pieces

Volume: $294,000

$OVO Tokenomics

*Special Note: In the initial token configuration of OVO, the total issuance was set to 300 million, and the maximum supply was set to 240 million. However, in order to adjust the platform’s long-term development and supply balance, it has been decided to burn 60 million tokens. Currently, the total issuance is set to 240 million, so please be aware of this in advance.

While OVO Token is a platform token, it has a strong emphasis on its functionality as a utility token used within the ecosystem. For more information about the utility of OVO Token, please refer to the official whitepaper.

IEO info

Time: March 21th, 2023 10:00 (UTC) ~ March 22th, 2023 10:00 (UTC)



Token symbol: OVO


Official website:

Official Twitter:

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